Penguin Pie

Penguin Pie

Screen-printed, hand bound short book for children and confused adults

The fishmonger took Milo behind the counter. 

'I have something new here,' he said, gesturing at the sack. 'Never seen these fish before. They're called penguins.'

There has been much debate over the question of penguins of late. Are they birds? Are they fish? What are they? Milo and Nina experience much confusion in their quest to find something to eat for dinner. This is a happy tale for children and a sad tale for hungry adults who like pies.

In the summer of 2011 we were searching (mainly subconsciously) for a project that would combine both of our interests and abilities. Helene, following a number of chance conversations about penguins, commissioned a children's story about these strangest of fishes. Pierce wrote the outline in her garden one sunny, eerily productive afternoon. Helene illustrated the pages and lettering. We selected the paper, screenprinted the book at her studio in November of that year, and bound the pages during dark winter evenings at the desk in her bedroom, fingers projecting from fingerless gloves, reaching occasionally for small squares of dark chocolate to aid concentration.

We finished with an edition of eighty, and began to sell the books online in spring of that year. We no longer have copies available for sale.