A Giraffe at the Door

A Giraffe at the Door

Screen-printed, hand bound short book for children and sociable giraffes

'Tom, come to the door,' called Agatha.
'Who's there?' asked Tom. 'I'm having my eggs.'
'A giraffe,' said Agatha. 'I think he's here for you.'

An unexpected caller has the whole family confused. How are they supposed to offer him tea when he won't fit through the door?

In early 2012 we moved to West Kerry for a month or two, finding ourselves in an unseasonably mild late winter. Scones in the garden. In February! Helene illustrated the Giraffe book on the balcony below the attic windows, where the light was brightest, on paper spread over a breadboard we found out the back of a shop in Dingle town. 

We printed in her studio in April, then bound the book at our new Dublin home in May. 

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